Rafinha and thiago alcántara. same bloodstream, different football

Thiago was initially, born in Bari (Italia), and Rafinha in Sao Paulo (South america). Here’s the very first distinction between the Alcantara siblings. They adopted thes same path once they were youthful in Barça’s youth teams, however they led to different professional teams and various national teams. They do not share team, agent, national team neither commercial brands.

Rafinha’s representative is Ginés Carvajal, Thiago’s representative is Pere Guardiola Rafinha Alcántara’s brand is Adidas, Thiago’s Nike. In addition, Thiago plays for that Spanish national team and Rafinha for South america. Same surname, but different lifes in football.

The Alcántara around the pitch

Thiago is appropriate footed, Rafinha remains footed. Both of them take proper care of the ball as his father did, really skilled and midfielders. Thiago, using the 6 on his back, functions as midfielder for Pep’s Bayern. Xavi Hernandez’s heir, Thiago controlls matches through ball possession and elegance.

They performed together in Barça’s first team with Guardiola within the bench. It had been in 2011 against Bate Borisov.

Rafinha lives nearer to goal. A child from the Alcantara’s likes the freedoom. He’s intelligent and disciplined. Good in 1vs1, using the 12 on his back, Rafinha increased alongside Luis Enrique.

Thiago is going to be on Guardiola’s beginning eleven at Camp Nou. Rafinha, however, might be within the bench and may play some minutes if Luis Enrique. Two siblings, however with different lives and various footbal characteristics.

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Who is the better Alcántara? Thiago or Rafinha Skills and Goals 2016


U Mad Brah?: Thiago its obviously better(: but i like them both

Michel Sloot: rafinha is beter\nthis season

김영우: Michel Sloot but thiago is showing best performance in Munich.

Aiman Gaming: they are twin right?

GBJen Jen: AS _Aiman no, Thiago is 25 and Rafinha is 23 😊

laabid wassim: Rafhina

Ahmed Ceyni: both are great but I prefer Thiago. Right and left footed lolz. They have a bright future ahead

Dan 7: thiago is better

– KSI: Gioa7 who do you think is better

GIOA7: Thiago