Nelson semedo is nearly confirmed for fc barcelona. what’s your undertake this? – quora

Nelson semedo is nearly confirmed for fc barcelona. what's your undertake this? - quora really, most players would

I’m pleased with this signing, which now’s official.

I only learned about Semedo throughout the transfer window and that i admit which i haven’t seen him play. However he looks great in the compilations (really, most players would) and also the bigger fanbase appeared to wish him greater than Bellerin (the board’s primary choice), which helped me trust Semedo greater than Bellerin.

I saw rumors that Valverde was the one that scotched any curiosity about Bellerin, deeming him to become not adequate enough (Barcelona leaders arrived at surprise Hector Bellerin decision after meeting) or any other possibility is Wenger was his ground and was adamant he won’t sell Bellerin. That appears to possess faster the Semedo deal whose rumors had arrived at a dead stop with Bellerin being considered plan A. I’d the sensation that Valverde might be a pushover for that board (pointed out it in prior solutions), however i think he is able to call the shots (man does real nutrients to date, stopping Iniesta purchase through the rumors and apparently firm on giving youngsters chances, which is the Marlon deal and also the Cucurella, Palencia, Alenya contract extensions). Now I really hope Valverde pushes for signing a controlling midfielder like Jean Seri, since Verratti saga is really a closed chapter. Even when we do not have an excellent squad like Real Madrid’s, with a few smart signings Barcelona will be able to compete on top level, as Messi adds two times around any top player.

With regards to the squad, I believe Semedo brings a great deal to the table.He’ll release Sergi Roberto to take part in the midfield (man is going to be freed as much as make more runs with the heart from the Bernabeu later on Clasicos) and release Aleix Vidal to experience like a RW if Deulofeu won’t exercise (I still wish Dembele is introduced As soon as possible). My only problem is about Palencia getting first team minutes and experience, however i trust Valverde to consider proper care of it.

I really hope Semedo is a great purchase the way Umtiti switched to be. He might not be the following Dani Alves (I won’t question to become one either) but he could be a great player for Barca in the own right.