Marc-andré ter stegen – celebrity biography, sign and famous quotes

Marc-andré ter stegen - celebrity biography, sign and famous quotes where they rank on

Marc-André ter Stegen

is really a famous German footballer,

who had been born on

April 30, 1992. Like a person born about this date, Marc-André ter Stegen shows up within our database because the 23rd

most widely used celebrity during the day (April 30) and also the 70th most widely used for that year (1992).

People born on April 30

come under the Sign of Taurus, the Bull.

Marc-André ter Stegen may be the 648th most widely used Taurus.

Apart from information specific to Marc-André ter Stegen’s birthday, Marc-André ter Stegen may be the 111th most well-known German.

Generally, Marc-André ter Stegen ranks because the 7926th

most widely used celebrity, and also the 439th most widely used footballer ever.

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