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Planning, Policy and style


Critical political economy, technology, worldwide development

Luis Suarez-Rental property focuses on study regarding corporate capitalism, technology, innovation, and worldwide development in the outlook during critical political economy and social analysis.

His newest book, Corporate Power, Oligopolies, and also the Crisis from the Condition(Albany: Condition College of recent You are able to Press, 2015), explores the increasing influence of oligopolistic corporations in contemporary society.  A multidisciplinary perspective as well as an unparalleled quantity of documentation help provide insights about how corporate oligopolies exercise their influence, as well as their effect on finance, politics, regulation, consumption, production, stagnation, inequalities, social structure, judicial decisions, and our public governance.  The tendencies, trends and consequences exposed within this book will probably become major hallmarks from the twenty-first century, as corporate oligopolies gain growing power over most every sector and human activity, and expand their influence around the world.

Two previous books, Technocapitalism: A Vital Perspective on Technology and Corporatism(Philadelphia: Temple College Press, 2009 obtainable in paperback after August 2012) and Globalization and Technocapitalism: The Political Economy of Corporate Power and Technological Domination (London: Ashgate, 2012), explore the emergence of the new, twenty-first century form of capitalism grounded in technology and science, and also the political economy of corporate power and influence connected by using it.

Prof. Suarez-Villa’s past work has involved the concept of technocapitalism, a new version of capitalism that has potentially major systemic implications for human existence, existence and nature, along with the economy.  New sectors grounded within this latest version of capitalism, for example biotechnology, nanotechnology, bioinformatics, genomics and biomimetics, will likely become hallmarks from the twenty-first century, much as aviation, the automotive industry and nuclear technology were from the twentieth.  These new sectors depend essentially on creativeness and research, almost as much ast the commercial sectors which were a hallmark from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries relied on production, recycleables and factory labor.  Due to their deep grounding in technology and science, their high complexity as well as their close connection to corporate power, these new sectors are most likely to impose new social realities, pathologies and injustices which may be very difficult to know and reverse.

Prof. Suarez-Rental property has extensive worldwide experience, and it has went after his research interests in a variety of nations in Europe, The United States, South America and East Asia.  He’s two times been awarded Fulbright fellowships for research.  He has additionally been awarded honors and fellowships by numerous organizations, like the National Science Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, the business of yankee States, Cornell College, and also the College of California.   His educational background was different and multi-disciplinary.  He earned his doctoral at Cornell College almost 30 years ago, where he went after studies in worldwide development, sociology, financial aspects, and development planning.  His first college diploma is at architecture and architectural engineering, but his academic interests subsequently expanded and encompassed the fields of worldwide development, technology studies, sociology, financial aspects, human geography and regional science.

Prof. Suarez-Rental property is a faculty person in the College of California since 1982, and it was a co-founding father of the Department of Planning, Policy and style.  He’s been affiliated at various occasions with UCLA, New You are able to University’s Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems, the Un, the Autonomous College of Madrid, Spain’s National Research Council, the Getulio Vargas Foundation in South america, and also the Institute of Technological Research in the College of Sao Paulo, South america.  Prof. Suarez-Rental property is fluent in five languages, and it has traveled to 69 international locations in relation to his academic work.  Among his current extra-curricular interests may be the growth of social justice in society, and raising understanding of the influence of corporate power within our lives.

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