Dr. luis suarez, md, tijuana baja california cosmetic surgeon

Dr. Luis Suarez is extremely proffessional they know what’s he doing. I visted other doctors plus they perfect solution my questions just like I’ve every part. To Physician suarez I simply told him I do not such as this a part of mu body and just what ever you need to do I wish to look natural. Immediately he offered me a nice consultayion of the items my body system needed after three children. I’d a hip and back liposuction a few of the back fat was trnsfer to my butt and that he described it had become to provide my body system the form which i want. Incidentally throughout the consultation physician suarez demonstrated me pictres of previous patiences which had my kind of body, including similar hight and weight. I really like the way they looked and essentially that is what convinced me to choose physician Suarez on the top he was the less cost. His stuff it really is nice professional. I’d my surgery a bit than 24 hrs ago and my cost was less before surgey however i finish up getting bloodstream transfusion because my iron level was a bit low however surgery went think it is was after surgery which i needed. They told the problem before surgery and when I’d a choice of refusing and reschedule two several weeks later that was not convince for me personally. To date so great I don’t have lots of payne. Only if I attempted to obtain up walking it’s a disastet literally I walke bending lower. The worst part that no-one mentions on they reviews is the very first time you receive up you receive so dizzy and sweaty that It seemed like I would die nevertheless it disappears after couple of like ten minutes for me personally. This cost incorporated everything consultation, all of the lab test, suegery, an evening on the nice fancy room in the hospital, all of the medication after surgery and also the tight (attached). Everything is incorporated in the same building the physician’s office, a healthcare facility and also the publish suite. I never have payne medication yet because is much more such as the most intense muscles soreness ever. My experience to date it truly good but i’ll publish more comments when I see changes to date I can not see my body system yet.

Dr. luis suarez, md, tijuana baja california cosmetic surgeon items my

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