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Is lionel messi a great leader? - quora very essential aspect

He’s most likely exactly that. A great leader. No excellent one. A great leader would most likely never attempt to step lower from worldwide football knowing he is paramount player of his team regardless of what. The primary reason someone would do this is most likely as a result of requirement for an individual achievement. On the other hand, he’s a great example.

You should consider numerous things:

The connection he’s had together with his teammates: Messi comes with an advantage here, because barcelona has a great number of home-grown players. He’s is continuing to grow together an has built a reliable relationship together.

His response to his team going lower with a goal: Should you watch barcelona matches you’d understand that he’s most likely probably the most composed player in world football(combined with the likes of Berbatov). This will work for a captain, what he doesn’t do is offer encouragement to other people too.

His position around the pitch: The fact is Messi doesn’t have position around the pitch. He’s everywhere and tactically a genuine discomfort towards the “Man Marking system” because of his movement when he isn’t using the ball. He may come as deep because the defence to obtain the ball. This is ideal for a captain while he can provide his leadership ideas to each position around the pitch(unlike an objective-keeper for example). But he doesn’t do that. He just doesn’t say much.

His age and experience: The older and much more experienced players will always be more appropriate for that captain role. I believe Messi’s experience and age is much more than appropriate.

Personal Conduct-off and on the picth: A very essential aspect. I’d say Messi is much more of the strict-professional than the usual leader. He’s the type of player that the leader want on his team(no matter his ability like a footballer).

Overall, you are able to say he’d a great candidate for any leadership role.

Is lionel messi a great leader? - quora because the defence to obtainResourse:
Is lionel messi a great leader? - quora home-grown players

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