Ivan rakiti?: ‘we made the impossible possible … thanks for visiting barcelona’

Ivan rakiti?: 'we made the impossible possible … thanks for visiting barcelona' PSG striker Edinson

“It’s very hard to describe what went down yesterday It would be a crazy night, a wild match and I’m so proud to participate this team.

“We made the impossible possible.”

Despite racing right into a 3- add the night time, Barcelona still required to score three more to achieve the quarterfinals as Wednesday’s contest arrived at its dying minutes.

PSG striker Edinson Cavani had raced off to internet what made an appearance to become a crucial away goal around the hour, extinguishing basically a fool’s hope.

The emboldening cries of “Sí se puede, sí se puede” (“Yes you can”) were fading as supporters steeled themselves for nothing more than a consolation win.

But Rakiti? and the teammates never stopped dreaming.

“Of course we believed it had been possible,” he enthuses “You need to accept is as true! You need to try you’ve give everything.

“Then, following the referee blows the whistle, you are able to (think back) on which happened.”

Rakiti? and the teammates can savor certainly one of sport’s finest comebacks, after Neymar scored two late goals after which setup homegrown midfielder Sergi Roberto to shake Europe’s largest stadium to the foundations.

The Croatian laughs because he recalls the scenes within the home team’s dressing room.

“Everybody was jumping, crying,” Rakiti? states. “Maybe 15-twenty minutes of emotion. Thirty people — crazy people — within the dressing room.”

Barca coach Luis Enrique had told players at halftime to “keep going” and “just believe” that 45 more minutes would pay the requisite possibilities to succeed.

Ivan rakiti?: 'we made the impossible possible … thanks for visiting barcelona' this weekend

An ashen, defeated figure following the first leg just three days ago, here the Spaniard reinvigorated his charges, advocating these to not rush, relax and wait for a moment in the future.

Enrique would soon be racing to the help out jubilation, but Rakitic states players won’t allow their celebrations to affect upon the La Liga title race within the coach’s final season in the club.

“It’s not too easy as this weekend we’ve another game,” he explains. “We have to take the next phase and there is not enough time.

“Of course, we’d a glass or two within the dressing room, celebrating together … but you want to carry on on within the league and we must prepare yourself again a few days ago.Inches

Barca tops the domestic table by some point in front of Sunday’s visit to Deportivo en Coruña because it bids to protect the title, but second-placed rival Real Madrid includes a game in hands.

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Ivan rakiti?: 'we made the impossible possible … thanks for visiting barcelona' here the