Gerard piqué: soccer star and gaming creator

Gerard piqué: soccer star and gaming creator about marketing, about business

Piqué isn’t any stranger to technology. With more than ten million supporters on Twitter and nearly 3 million on Instagram, the soccer phenom is definitely an enthusiastic user of social networking. He stated he’d jump in the chance to use Dallas Maverick’s owner and tech tycoon Mark Cuban. Yet Piqué acknowledges that, even among today’s tech savvy sports stars, launching a gaming clients are a unique side gig.

“There are several players that purchase restaurants. They purchase qualities,” he stated. However, “in gaming, so it isn’t normal for any soccer player to purchase games.”

Many athletes have a hands-off approach using their investments, and lend their name and capital to some business enterprise, although not always spending enough time managing it. For his part, Piqué states his relationship with Kerad differs.

The sport maker is simply a couple of minutes from FC Barcelona’s practice facility, and Piqué spends 72 hours per week in the office, holding conferences and making business decisions, though he freely admits that whenever he first began, he understood nothing concerning the industry.

“I am enjoying being a member of it,” Piqué states. “I am selection each week about marketing, about business [and] monetization.”

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Game titles might just be the beginning of things for Piqué. He’s hinted he may head to the background music industry when his playing days are gone for good.

That may think of the not-so-effective rap careers of Shaquille O’Neal and also the basketball player formerly referred to as Ron Artest, the soccer star includes a effective backer in the corner that may help him escape their fate: His pop star partner Shakira.

The 2 lately were built with a second child together, and Piqué attended the 2014 Billboard Music Awards with Shakira in Vegas. In fact, Shakira is known to provide him tips on playing Golden Manager, so offering up tips about a music career may not be so farfetched.