Gerard pique proposes a global cup for tennis

The present tournament that runs overshadowing the planet cup may be the Davis Cup that has been receiving critique for several years. The Davis Cup constitutes of 16 nation teams which play inside a knockout format within the year within the several weeks of Feb, April, September and also the finals in November. There has been many issues elevated from the current format by many people participating nations. The tennis stars like Nadal, Djokovic, Federer and Murray happen to be made to miss the Davis Cup weekends due to the formulations for that Grand Slams.

A Ten-day lengthy event in one location with 16 participating nations inside a get rid of format is exactly what Pique initially suggested. This format may bring certain issues of the present Cup to finish. Murray came ahead meant for the brand new tournament, “I believe that it’s a very exciting idea,” Murray stated, “If it comes down off, It will be a very, excellent factor for tennis. I believe there’s still several things that should be labored out before it potentially happens, but It will be a excellent factor for tennis.”

Nadal, a 14-time Grand Slam Champion too came toward support his Spanish compatriot. He stated, “For a long time they’ve been static. They haven’t moved using the occasions or searched for new solutions. Pique belongs to an organization that wishes to produce a World Cup that might be an excellent and incredibly interesting tournament to compete in.”

Djokovic too shared his ideas concerning the new proposal. The 12-time Grand Slam champion stated, “To see among the football greats visiting the tennis world and seeking to aid it personally, but additionally in certain structural business way, are only able to bring positives to the sport. The tennis world is complex basically can tell, because there are various governing physiques and lots of different associations which have the control of certain facets of the sport or tournaments. The schedule is very complicated, but I’m really glad there are people like Gerard that are prepared to with time to get this to game better, so hopefully it’s going arrive at existence.’

Witnessing positive support in the tennis stars, the proposal for that World Cup does certainly appear to become realisable possibility. There may arrive newer and more effective hitches in route of the new format. The present Cup enables the tournament to become locked in home away format which is among the primary reason behind its local attraction one of the participating nations. But localising the tournament one location might reduce this spirit one of the audience. Such a tournament hasn’t attempted with an worldwide scale which provides no testimonials because of its future success.

The ITF taken care of immediately the fuss produced through the news while talking with the BBC, “Our focus isn’t on which other physiques are attempting to do, however in effectively delivering Davis Cup because the world cup of tennis to countless fans in over 120 nations every year. Numerous significant changes towards the competition’s structure, prize money and format is going to be voted on by all tennis nations in the ITF AGM in August.”

Seen in the statements from the players it appears the new proposal is of interest for that players who’ve to overlook the Davis Cup. When the clauses from the new proposal are presented well to match the interests from the participating nations, we shall soon visit a World Cup for Tennis.