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In 2014, Maurice Lacroix and FC Barcelona signed a partnership agreement through which Maurice Lacroix grew to become the state watch partner from the football team. This partnership enables Maurice Lacroix to achieve brand awareness all over the world because of FC Barcelona’s global group of followers while FC Barcelona is connected having a luxury brand which has a strong internet marketing expertise.

In 2015, year two partnership, Maurice Lacroix had three objectives:

1. Build global brand understanding of Maurice Lacroix, leveraging around the FC Barcelona partnership

2. Increase brand engagement through amplification on social networking platforms

3. Generate purchase interest for Maurice Lacroix watches

It was achieved through the campaign described below.

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The campaign comprised three phases: the handover event, the style of the Pontos S Extreme watches through the FC Barcelona players and also the invitation to fans to create their very own watch. The 3 phases were activated online across social platforms for the exact purpose to create awareness and amplify the campaign because of user generated content.

The Campaign:

1. Watch handover towards the FC Barcelona team

To advertise the Pontos S collection and trigger interest among FC Barcelona fans, Maurice Lacroix released a film in which a super-agent hands over Ponto S timepieces towards the entire FC Barcelona team. Departing the Maurice Lacroix headquarters in Europe, her challenging operation starts by motorbike, continues by plane, helicopter as well as requires her to sky-dive within the town of Barcelona to land close to the FCB Training Facility and completes her task just over time.

2. Pieces created by each player from the FCB

30 days following the discharge of the recording, FCB players received the opportunity to demonstrate their creative skills from the field by designing a customized timepiece. One-on-one design sessions were organized inside a custom-made Maurice Lacroix design studio installed inside the FC Barcelona facilities. A movie in addition to pictures of players designing their very own watches were utilised to inspire Maurice Lacroix and FC Barcelona fans to follow along with the players’ lead and make their very own designs online.

3. Unique fan’s watches

To begin the conversation using the community, Maurice Lacroix and FC Barcelona fans were asked to create their very own model online using a micro-site. Fans could share their design on social networking and enter a contest to win the timepiece they’d designed. Probably the most shared designs were then selected and 5 participants received their very own personalized watch they’d designed.

Mix platform digital activation:

Digital Luxury Group (DLG) effectively coordinated the internet actions of Maurice Lacroix and FC Barcelona, and were able to increase the achieve from the campaign and keep engagement high.

The campaign was effectively activated across Maurice Lacroix’s social platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat and Sina Weibo.

On the top from the activation on Maurice Lacroix’s social networking, DLG went one step further and negotiated with FC Barcelona so that you can not just publish on their own Facebook page directly but additionally to take a position budget in boosting the publish on their own page. By creating visibility on FC Barcelona’s platforms, the campaign’s achieve was multiplied tremendously.

Concretely, two posts were shared around the FC Barcelona’ page, one throughout the handover event phase an additional showing players designing timepieces and welcoming fans to create their own same online.

Among the Maurice Lacroix boosted posts on FC Barcelona’s page had this type of high engagement rate it broke an archive by other Swiss watchmaker’s Facebook communications. This demonstrated the right alignment backward and forward brands, the most popular values they share and also the high engagement of FC Barcelona fans towards Maurice Lacroix’s watches.


The activation cleverly combined posting from Maurice Lacroix and FC Barcelona accounts and generated outstanding results when it comes to brand, partnership and campaign awareness.

1. Understanding of their bond was massively raise with 8.9 million views from the handover movie along with a 41% rise in appointments with the Maurice Lacroix / FCB partnership page on MauriceLacroix’s website

2. A fantastic engagement rate on Maurice Lacroix’s Facebook page (3.45% typically), over 9,000 watches created by fans through the micro-site, and also over 11,000 new fans on Maurice Lacroix’s social networking platforms.

3. Finally, the campaign generated purchase intent with countless cost demands from fans searching to buy the timepiece they’d designed, whilst establishing a tremendous amount of store locations demands, both metrics signifying a strong interest to purchase.


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