Fc barcelona museum – camp nou experience tour tickets

The FC Barcelona Store

Using it . door leading towards the ticket office, you may also connect to the FC Barcelona Store, that is really worth a trip combined with the stadium itself, the camp ground Nou Experience and also the multimedia zone. Here you can buy all FC Barcelona’s official merchandise.

FC Barcelona official store

The ‘Futbol Club Barcelona’ Museum

The trip to the museum will allow you to uncover a brief history of the club, that was founded over a century ago. You will see firsthand their numerous trophies, the uniforms their players normally wear through the years, the best images and videos from the club for action, and thru the visit you’ll also obtain a great understanding of the club’s philosophy.

Champions League trophy

The tour from the Camp Nou

The Camp Ground Nou tour opens the doorways towards the Very important personel Presidential Box, towards the press area, including in which the press interviews occur, towards the permanent Television set within the stadium, towards the altering rooms and also to the tunnel in which the players fall into line before entering the stadium. Observe that use of Barça’s altering room isn’t possible, since the players store a few of their personal possessions there, but you’ll be able to determine the away team’s facilities.

Multimedia Zone

The multimedia zone features screens of numerous sizes, showing a few of the most magical moments in FC Barcelona’s history. You’ll likewise be able to listen to the team’s official anthem, that is converted into over 30 languages within the vast final display, that is over eight metres lengthy.

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